About Us

About Us

by researchlinks

Our Story

For nearly two decades, Research Links has been the innovation agency of choice by global brands. We have wide expertise and experience in understanding business progression and modules that drive it.

All through the entire product/service life cycle, we harness skills with our experience in the Nigerian terrain and West Africa to deliver fresh market insight to our clients including government and non-governmental organization.

We ensure confidentiality and data protection while undertaking client’s projects.

Research Links Lagos team training for a project.

Our mission is to set standard of excellence in research, upholding ethical issues and providing information that will give insight for crucial decision making.

From product/service development to launch, we conduct:
Qualitative research
Quantitative research
Mass high-tech data collection
Quality Control Management
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We’re a team of cutting-edge thinkers, trained to understand business growth and the tactics that drive growth. More than that, we’re able to interact with our clients to deliver insightful reports that deliver the details that matter.